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  • Release date: 1993-08-30
  • Label: Spine farm
  • Catalog #: SPI 16 CD

1. Nightfall by the shore of time
2. Crimson winds
3. Abolt of blazing gold
4. In tears bereaved
5. Skywards
6. Through ebony archways
7. Shadow duet
8. My faeryland forgotten
9. Alone
Recorded and mixed at Studio Soundscape, May/June -93. Produced by Dark Tranquillity, Dragan Tanascovic and Stefan Lindgren.

Cover photography by Kenneth Johansson.

Released under licence in Poland by Carrion Records – CRR 015 (Cassette) in 1993. Bootlegged on cassette in Russia by Euro Style in 1994(?) without track 8. Japanese version released by Toys factory, featuring the entire “Of chaos…” mini-CD as bonus and a booklet with exclusive band photos.

Promo-CD with different cover (b/w band photo) released in 300 copies.

For more info on different versions and licenced editions, visit the “Skydancer” page on Discogs.