1. construct_jewelcase

    Release date: 27-May-2013 Construct Learn more

  2. 634630081475443750_resize

    Release date: 24-May-2012 Zero distance Learn more

  3. void_tour

    Release date: 24-Oct-2011 We are the void – tour edition Learn more

  4. void_cover

    Release date: 24-Feb-2010 We are the void Learn more

  5. wdima

    Release date: 26-Oct-2009 Where death is most alive Learn more

  6. fragments

    Release date: 30-Oct-2009 The dying fragments Learn more

  7. yesterworlds

    Release date: 25-May-2009 Yesterworlds Learn more

  8. fiction

    Release date: 20-Apr-2007 Fiction Learn more

  9. focus_shift_thumb

    Release date: 24-Apr-2007 Focus shift EP Learn more

  10. character

    Release date: 19-Jan-2005 Character Learn more

  11. apa

    Release date: 15-Nov-2004 Lost to apathy EP Learn more

  12. expo

    Release date: 24-May-2004 Exposures – I.R.A.D. Learn more

  13. Release date: 20-Aug-2002 Damage done Learn more

  14. haven

    Release date: 17-Jan-2000 Haven Learn more

  15. skydancerandchaos

    Release date: 24-May-1999 Skydancer/chaos Learn more

  16. projector

    Release date: 10-Aug-1999 Projector Learn more

  17. tmi

    Release date: 21-Apr-1997 The mind’s I Learn more

  18. esa

    Release date: 25-Nov-1996 Enter suicidal angels MCD Learn more

  19. R-383660-1238024012

    Release date: 27-Nov-1995 The gallery Learn more

  20. chaos

    Release date: 03-Feb-1995 Of chaos and eternal night MCD Learn more

  21. skydancer

    Release date: 30-Aug-1993 Skydancer Learn more

  22. tranquillity_cass

    Release date: 12-Apr-1993 Tranquillity – cassette album Learn more

  23. trail_ep_front2

    Release date: 28-Aug-1992 Trail of life decayed – 7″ Learn more

  24. promo_92_square

    Release date: 09-Mar-1992 Promo 1992 Learn more

  25. moonclad_cover

    Release date: 01-Jun-1992 A moonclad reflection – 7″ Learn more

  26. trail_square

    Release date: 22-May-1991 Trail of life decayed – demo tape Learn more